Step-by-step tutorial

If you do not have an account at UM MOOC, please apply one by following the steps in this FAQ.

1. Go to and then click “登录”.

2. Input your UMPASS User ID and initial password (the last 6 characters of your UMPASS User ID. For example, the initial password of account ab12345 is “b12345”) and then click “立即登录” (login).

Notice: If you get the error message “用户不存在” (the user account is not found), this means your account has not been created at UM MOOC yet. If you have applied for the account, please wait for the account creation which will be done within 1 working day. If you have not applied for the account yet, please refer to this FAQ for applying a new one.
3. To activate your account, input your “真實姓名” (name), “新密碼” (new password) and “安全郵箱” (secure mailbox). Click “确认激活” (activate) to confirm.

Notice: The “真實姓名” is your name saved in student information system in upper case, you can find this information from SIWEB (Personal Info -> Student Name).

4. Click “去查收邮件” (check email) or open your email client directly to get the activation link.
5. You will receive an email sent from UM MOOC. Click the activation link to active your account.
6. After the account is activated, you can login to UM MOOC with the new password.