Before you enter your UMPASS in login page, please always confirm the page identity. There are two indications to help you recognize the page:

1) Web Page URL

The address should begin with (Single Sign-on) or (No Single Sign-on)





2) Address Bar

You can also see a padlock symbol next to the address bar.

Sample Screenshots for, there is a “Single Sign on” wording highlighted with orange in the login area. For some browsers, the word “University of Macau [MO]” will be shown in the address bar.
Chrome websso_chrom WebSSO1_Login_Page_Chrome
Firefox websso_firefox WebSSO1_Login_Page_FireFox
IE websso_ie WebSSO1_Login_Page_IE
IOS websso_IOS WebSSO1_Login_Page_IOS
Android websso_android WebSSO1_Login_Page_Android