Step-by-step tutorial

  1. Enter the course and then click “Turn editing on” on the top right menu.
  2. In the course outline, click “Edit” button of the hidden activity/resource. Then click “Make available” in menu.
  3. Copy the link and share it to student. (The students are still not able to see the activity/resource in the course page but they can access it through the link)
    • Right click on the activity/resource and click the menu item to copy link.
    • Or directly copy the link in the browser’s address bar.


  1. For sharing the link to mobile users, you may use the copy link to generate a QR code. Students can access the hidden activity/resource by scanning the QR code with mobile devices.
  2. The steps to allow the access of one or more activities/resources to students in a hidden topic/week are same as above.