Step-by-step tutorial

  1. Prepare a CSV file and the table structure is shown as following
  2. Enter into your course and click “Grades” under the Navigation Drawer.
  3. Choose an action “Import” > “CSV file”.
  4. Drag and drop your CSV file to the file area or use File Picker to upload your file, and click “Upload grades”.
  5. To identify user, map the field ”username” from the CSV file to UMMoodle; For the grade item mappings, set the grade item as ”new gradeitem” and then click “Upload grades”.
  6. Click “Continue”, The new grade item will be imported to your Grade Book in UMMoodle.

Video tutorial

As UMMoodle has been upgraded, the operations in this video may not be applicable to the current version and the steps shown in the above section shall prevail.

( If your browser cannot play this video properly, please click the below button to play. )