To access ICTO – IT Service Management System, go to and login with your UMPASS account and password (For Staff Use).

All of your requests are shown on the right pane “My Requests”. Each request is displayed with Subject, Request ID, Submitted Date and Status. Click the record name or click “Details” to view the detail information of the request.

In the Request Details, the bar on the top displays the progression of the request current status.

Status Status Description
Draft The request has been created but has not been submitted yet.
Waiting Approval The request has been submitted and is pending approval. A request goes into Initiated status after the request has been approved.
Initiated The request has been received and queued in the system.
In Progress The request is in process of handling.
Completed The request has been processed.
Closed The request is closed and archived in system log.


To view the approval information such as the approver, approval status, and the justification for approving or rejecting the request, click the “Additional Details” tab.

Click Close to go back to the Service Request Console page. Click Cancel Request if you choose to cancel the request. Click Request Again if you want to create a new request from the current request.